Your dog is examined for problems such as matts, fleas, ticks & skin irritations which will be taken into consideration during the grooming process. This check may also highlight some potential problems such infections, inflammations, or lumps which may need veterinary attention.


Your dog is thoroughly brushed and combed to remove any tangles, loosen dirt, and remove dead hair. This stimulates the skin and allows the natural hair oils to circulate. Minor matts are treated and removed at this stage. Towel dry or blow dry.


Your dog's nails are inspected and trimmed if they are too long as extended growth can raise health issues. Ears are swabbed with ear cleaner to remove ear wax and then dusted with medicated ear powder which helps prevent ear infections.


Your dog's coat is trimmed using clippers which gently cut away excess hair to a desired predetermined lenght. After the clipping, scissors are used to put on the finishing touches. All clips / trims are per breed style unless you request a different finish.